Sales LetterO.C. Tanner Co.

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JULY 18, 2002

Robert Huskinson
Flying H Corporation
38 S. Billet Dr.
Chicago, IL 60623

Dear Robert,

Are your managers and supervisors doing a great job of recognizing people's accomplishments? Could they do better?

Could your employees do a better job of wowing and retaining your customers?

The two, employee recognition and customer satisfaction, are directly related. Let me show you how.

My company, O.C. Tanner Recognition Company, is on the cutting-edge of recognition practices. We help businesses around the world—including the majority of the Fortune 100, and many companies in your industry—give their employees the kind of recognition experiences that build loyalty and dedication—and happier clients.

I'd love to help you create powerful and meaningful recognition moments at Flying H Corporation.

In a recent Gallup workplace survey,
recognition and praise ranked
among top factors consistently correlated with:

        • Higher retention
        • Higher customer satisfaction
        • Higher productivity
        • Higher profits

My company's place as the pioneer of great employee recognition practices isn't a piece of history. It's a never-ending process. And we're passionate about it.

In just the last year we've launched innovative new methods to communicate company values with your people. We were the first to offer fully-integrated Internet formal recognition programs. And now we're creating amazing new ways to use technology's power for day-to-day recognition.

Our recognition expertise and resources are unmatched.

  • When Warner-Lambert wanted to thank 40,000 employees worldwide on one day, they turned to O.C. Tanner.
  • When Southern Wine & Spirits wanted to reduce safety related costs by 70%, they turned to O.C. Tanner.
  • The Ohio Agricultural Council—a competitor and leader in your industry—recognizes their employees with O.C. Tanner awards every day.

I'm very excited to share some ideas with you. You'll be blown away by what a well-executed recognition program can do for your business.

I understand the value you place on your employees, and hope you'll take this chance to help build their retention and loyalty. I'll call in the next few days to further introduce myself and arrange a time when we can get together.

Here's to a future of loyal employees and happier clients!

Amy Bidwell, Recognition Consultant

P.S. I've enclosed a copy of Kudos which features a case study I think you'll find interesting.